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This is the official promotion page for our debut album!

"Traditional but fresh sounding high-energy Thrash Metal that will easily get your head banging!"

- Leif Jensen / Dew Scented

"This is how Thrash Metal has to sound! Sophisticated songwriting with nothing left to chance. Mynded are a promising band. The songs blew me away. Props! Awesome!"

- Charly Steinhauer / Paradox

"Razor-sharp riffs, fresh, dynamic and furnished with an awesome sound... that's what Mynded's debut sounds like! 'Dead End Paradise' proves that Thrash Metal will never die!"

- Andreas "Gerre" Geremia / Tankard

"Old school, love it!"

- Ken Andrews / Obituary

"Forceful, good production. Well written and executed songs!"

- Klaus Sperling / Nitrogods

"I think it's awesome! Fresh and with lots of energy!"

- Lenny Breuss / Dust Bolt

"If you miss the aggression and power in modern Thrash Metal, support this young talented band from Bavaria!"

- Linus Klausenitzer / Obscura


The Album



  • Kill Or Be Killed
  • Devastation
  • Nuclear Downfall (feat. Steffen Kummerer)
  • Driven Into War
  • Humanity Faded Away
  • No Regrets
  • Overthrow
  • Upwaving Anger
  • T.L.A.S.
  • Dead End Paradise

Drums recorded at Outback Media with Benedikt Hain
Vocals recorded with Steffen Kummerer (Obscura, Thulcandra)
Guitars and Bass recorded by ourselves
Mixed and Mastered by Widek Records
Released: 13/11/2015

History until this release

  • 58 shows played
  • Signing at Sonic Revolution and release of “Dead End Paradise” (13-11-2015)
  • Release of music video for “Driven Into War”
  • Recording of first album “Dead End Paradise”
  • First tour as a support for Ektomorf
  • Headlining the newcomer stage at the Out & Loud Festival
  • Release of “Humanity Faded Away” in spring
  • First festivals and bigger support slots
  • Songwriting for the first full length debut album
  • First shows played
  • Songwriting for the first release
  • Recording of the EP “Humanity Faded Away”
  • Founded in Winter 2011

Bands we've played with

... and many more!

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